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Project Description
Performance Counter Helper makes it easier for developers to develop applications that use Performance Counter to monitor the health of the application. You will no longer have think how to log into Perfmon. It's developed in C#.

Using this library will let you add some custom counters into your perfmon, giving your applications the ability to inform its health and how it is doing its work.


Give PerformanceCounterHelper a try and let me know how it works for you! Feedback, issues, or suggestions can be submitted using the issue tracker.

Setting up a test environment
You can download the source code from the Source Code tab from this page so you can test it to see if this fits your needs.

Reporting Errors
If you are running into errors using PerformanceCounterHelper, please use our discussion forum for help.
When asking for help, please remember to include any information needed so I can reproduce your bug and correct it as soon as posible.

Please visit the license tab notes page for further information:

This project is built and maintained using .NET Framework 3.5 capabilities, so I'm not sure if it will compile and run smooth on any other version of .NET Framework. Feel feel to try and send me some feedback!

As you know, this project is free and it is supported and developed during my free time. However, I accept donations to help support this framework and accelerate development on it. Click here to donate to Aquiles

Release Notes
  • fix a naming issue on PerformanceCounter.Installer when installing or uninstalling.
  • added the comodity method to decrement a counter by a value (same as incrementing it by a negative value) :)
  • added the feature to reset the counter when initializing
  • pushed into NuGet:

  • Added methods to CounterHelper in order to manually update the base counter (if there is one). You should add the AutoIncreased property on the PerformanceCounterAttribute in order to avoud autoincreasing the base.
  • Added 2 methods to get the instances of the relevant and the base PerformanceCounter if you prefer to do manually your work.
  • Added backward support for old counter definition, so you don't need to worry on the new autoincrease attribute.
  • Fixed a bug where if 1 counter on the enum needs a base, all the following counter will get the last one as base even if they don't need it.Thanks PeterH for reporting this bug!

  • Moved all text into resource files
  • Add resource file for English and Spanish support
  • Translated comments into English for proper documentation

  • BugFix to support loading types from an assembly that has referenced assemblies without throwing an exception.

  • Added support to customize instance naming of multinstance performance counters.

  • BugFix for multi instance performance counters. Now you can use them with this helper.

  • Added functionality to uninstall performance counters. (new /u option on installer application)

  • Removed support for base type counters. Now the utility deals with them for you.
  • Removed the limitation of 255 performance counters. ( i don't know what i was thinking about when i put it)

v1.0.0.0 First release

Special Thanks

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