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Hi, I was thinking about adding a new attribute to Enum to change the behaivor of the PerformanceCounterHelper. I would like to update the RawValue property intead of using Increment, IncrementBy, etc. There are some situations those methods can be to slow because of thread-safe controls of methods. So it would be useful to add an Attirubute like "unsafe" to change the values of the counters in a not thread-safe way.
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See my comment on this issue.


javiercanillas wrote Apr 17, 2009 at 4:47 PM

Well, again sorry for the late response.
I don't think i'm catching you up. But why don't you take a look at the method "RawValue" of the "CounterHelper" class? Maybe this is what you need.

Furthermore, I'm not trying to add functionality to read the performance counter values of a system on this helper yet. I made this for the simple porpouse of making easier to an application to push data into them. There are much better tools to read data from performance counters of a server than what i might try.

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